• RECIPE: Energy Balls for Extra Bounce!

RECIPE: Energy Balls for Extra Bounce!

After you exercise, it’s important to refuel. Whether it’s a sunny Sunday surf, a jog on the beach or a hardcore gym session it’s always best for your body to replace your energy stores post workout. We have got two different recipes below, one with many ingredients and one with only three, one light and dreamy, one rich and decadent. Time to take your pick and get your hands dirty!

Both recipes below will make around 12 balls.

Coconut and Vanilla Bliss Balls:


1 cup of almond flour

2 TBSP of Vanilla Protein Powder (We used Nutra Organics)

1.5 cups of shredded coconut

1 cup of desiccated coconut

1 lemon, juiced

3 TBSP of coconut oil

3 TSP vanilla extract

3 TBSP raw honey

1 TSP sea salt

* Almond butter (optional)


1. Add all ingredients except the desiccated coconut in a food processer and blitz until blended

2. Scoop out a tablespoon of the mixture and roll into balls

3. Finish by rolling in the desiccated coconut

4. Pop in the fridge for 1 hour to harden

5. These will last 1-2 weeks in the fridge

Tip: If the mixture is too crumbly and won’t stick together, add some almond butter to make it stickier!

Not Really ‘Nutella’ Balls


1.5 cups of medjool dates (make sure to take the pip out)

1 cup of hazelnuts (skinless)

2 TBSP of cocoa powder – or cacao if you prefer


1. Blitz all ingredients in a food processor until it becomes a fine sticky crumb. If your mixture feels too dry then just add a splash of water until it sticks.

Now time to enjoy them!!!


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