• Escape This Summer

"First 100 to book a Summer trip score a pair of Billabong -Xile' boardies"

Billabong Adventure Division have jumped onboard and offered to buff the first 100 passengers booked, with a pair of their latest Platinum stretch XILE boardies that feel soooooooo good to surf in.


Sick of crowded surf conditions at your local break every summer?

Do you crave empty reef break perfection in tropical conditions? We feel your pain and have come up with a Summer range that's guaranteed to ease your local surf anxiety. Whether it's pulling into incredible P-pass barrels in the Caroline Islands, getting OUT THERE on a PNG Surfari or staying beachfront at Ha'atafu Resort in Tonga with surf out front, we can book your ticket to ride this summer!

Our aim at World Surfaris is for you to experience holiday bliss! Surf uncrowded tropical perfection, experiencing island style culture with friendly locals, eating like a king and crashing each night with a big smile on your dial. That's what a surf trips all about.