We stole Ellie-Jean from the surf for an afternoon and went exploring the Byron Bay Hinterland.

We visited many places around Byron hinterland that I'd never seen before, like the Killen falls waterfall - that was so beautiful. I never knew it even existed there, it was a big beautiful swimming hole with a cascading waterfall flowing down. The best place for a picnic and a swim! We stopped at a cute village to looked around and also stopped by train tracks no longer in use. Even just driving around was breathtaking, it was so green and such a contrast to my usual day spent at the beach. We stopped at this gorgeous cafe called Harvest in Newrybar. We got a lot of plates to share, and fresh fruit smoothies. Everything is sourced locally and organically and the restaurant has its own garden and farm. It's definitely a must visit if you are in the area! I loved wearing the big wooly cream sweater, it's called the Suki Knit. It was so comfy and the high neck makes it so perfect for this oncoming colder weather. I love this weather because the water is still warm but I don't get as sunburnt with the sun being not as harsh as it is in the summer time! And I can finally put on some comfy autumn/winter clothing and get all snuggly and drink lots more coffee to warm up.

- Ellie-Jean