• Fiji wonderland - Laura Enever on a lay-day

Fiji wonderland - Laura Enever on a lay-day

When the 2016 Fiji Pro came to an end Laura Enever wasn’t ready to leave Namotu just yet.
Alongside photographer Kane Skennar, hair and makeup artist Peter Beard and stylist Mark Vassallo,
the crew produced a series of captivating imagery. The shoot aligns with the upcoming launch of Laura’s website Lauraenever.co
Draped in a fusion of our Spring 16 collection, she got creative with her artistic vision, throwing out some psychedelic vibes and quirky shots.
With Skennar being a ninja behind the lens and Vassallo fluent in fashion, the outcome was spectacular, to say the least.
We caught up with Laura to take a peek behind the scenes and suss out how it all played out…

Where in Fiji did you shoot and who was involved?

The Team, which included Mark Vassallo (stylist), Kane Skennar (photographer), Peter Beard (H&M)
and little old me, met up on beautiful Namotu Island in Fiji. We shot around the island, boated to sand bars
in the middle of nowhere and also shot on the Mainland of Nadi to mix it up a bit.

Did you work with the team on the creative look and feel?

We wanted to make the shoot look and feel different to anything I had done before, which was easy working with Mark,
Kane and Peter. Mark is so well known in the fashion industry for styling and creative direction, he had a vision to create a story,
which felt high fashion, a bit quirky and fun!

Is there a story behind the images, or was it just a fun day out?

Our story narrative was a lay-day at the Fiji contest, which felt like a fun day out island hopping!
We boated around the incredible islands of Fiji, I did backflips on sandy islands, relaxed in the sunshine, did doughnuts on a jetski,
then headstands on a longboard! So, the shots pretty much reflect a mix of all of my favourite things!
I love the way the photos turned out.

What was your favourite image from the shoot?

It’s so hard to choose one image but I think my favourite photo is the backflip on the sandbar island or maybe it’s driving the jetski!
The Billabong collection that Mark styled for the shoot was perfect!

What does a lay-day in Fiji look like?

This shoot perfectly represents a lay-day in Fiji! This is everything that I would want to do on a lay-day!

Did the high from your 10 point ride last a few days or even weeks?!

A 10 point ride doesn’t happen too often, so it's something I won’t be forgetting for quite a while!
Cloud break and Fiji are my favourite places on earth! Haha

The first word that comes to mind when you think of Fiji?

Happy hour! Well that’s two words, but everything about Fiji the places,
the waves and the people are happy hour!

What is it that makes the Fiji event so special? Food, people, waves?
All of the above!

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