• Flick & a 30-35 ft. Pe'ahi

Flick & a 30-35 ft. Pe'ahi

Picture this, you’re bobbing around in the ocean and watching mountains of water loom on the horizon towards you. You’re basically an ant in comparison. They get closer and that realisation sinks in that they are humongous, absolute avalanches of H2’O, relentless and not slowing down. You gotta paddle for one of these beasts and there’s water and air patrol keeping an eye on you and the other competitors, because…well...it’s incredibly dangerous out there.

The sets at the 2017 Pe’ahi Challenge reached 30-35 ft. and our very own Flick Palmateer, the blonde babe who can surf ridiculously well, charged them like a little bull. She may have copped a pretty heavy wipe out (actually it was super heavy) and snapped her board but she still had the guts to compete. The below images give you an idea of what Flick was facing in Maui, Hawaii. She’s a machine and we’re so proud of her. Yeah Flick!.