• Flick's seven tips to staying healthy on the road

Seven tips to staying healthy on the road!

By Flick Palmateer

All images shot by JJ Jenkins @pixJJ

Staying healthy is much simpler than it might seem. I follow seven principles of health, that not only keep me happy and healthy at home, but all the time – wherever I might be in the world.

So, in no particular order here they are …

Get some sun!

Light is life and the big fiery ball at the center of our solar system is responsible for powering all life on Earth. How good does it feel to jump into your favorite bikini and get some rays on the bod? It’s essential for good health.

Eat well.

Fresh fruit and veges to be precise. Raw whenever possible. I grew up a vegetarian. I’ve tried most types of meat in recent years, but a plant-based diet is where I think it’s really at. When I’m travelling I also take a few extra goodies that help with hydration and digestion.

Drink heaps of water.

Food guru Don Tolman says a litre per day for every 22kgs of body weight. More if you’re working out, sweaty or in super humid/hot climates. So, if you weigh 66kgs, you should be drinking a minimum of three litres of water a day!


Walk, surf, stretch, hit the gym, get some cardio happening. Movement stimulates the fun chemicals in your body, brain and becomes addictive. Stagnation is bad. Move every day, or when you’re in a funk – get out the door!


Jetlag is an issue for me, especially when I’m competing. I try and allow time to adjust to different time zones, but that’s not always possible. Good rest and recovery time is essential to recharging the body and to make the most of the other six principles of health.

Enjoy meaningful and passionate relationships.

Surfing, art, the environment and my friends are my passions.