• For The Love Of...Art with Filippa Jean Edghill

For The Love Of...Art with Filippa Jean Edghill

We’re celebrating a Summer of love in France. For us it’s our love of the sea, being in the sun, surfing with our sisters, and living a bikini kinda life…

As we get ready to enjoy a summer of surfing with the Billabong Women’s Surf Team with a night of artistry, surf cinema and dancing under the stars, we wanted to introduce you to a few of our creative French favorites from Biarritz.

Meet watercolor artist, current Biarritz resident and longboarder who will be joining us with a special creative watercolor workshop at our event at The Beach House in Anglet.

Read our Q&A. For the Love of…Art with Filippa Jean Edghill

What brings you to Biarritz? Short waves brought me here. And then I stayed because I discovered that it’s exactly the little paradise I was searching for as a nest to live slowly and make art in.

What’s the best part of living by the beach? From my bathroom, I can see La Côte des Basques, every time I go for a pee I also check the waves. So when the high tide stops kissing the rocks and lines are looking good I run down for a surf in a heartbeat. It's great for life quality and horrible for productivity since I work from home.

As an artist, where do you go to find inspiration? And what inspires your work right now? I try to go see local artists and artisans whenever I travel to bring back fresh and different inspiration. And when I'm home I find a lot of inspiration by following blogs of artists I love. It's undeniable that the ocean influences my choice of color a lot and I think it also helps me enter a good mindset for creation.

How does surfing inspire your daily life? I think it reminds me of the importance of taking time in your daily life to spend moments that are there just for pure pleasure and nothing else. I get easily caught in the feeling of that moments are wasted if they are not spent on creating something valuable for myself or others. Surfing gets me away from that pressure of performance either professional or social. And somehow taking time away from self-fulfillment is the most self-fulfilling thing of all.

Favorite medium besides watercolor? This year I’m rediscovering an old love for block printing. There is something so rewarding about how rigid it is compared to watercolor and it acts as a good balance for me in my visual expression.

We’re so excited to celebrate summer at our ‘For The Love Of…’ event. Can you give us a little insight on what you’ll be creating? We will be doing a watercolor workshop all together where we can discover a new way to enjoy the movements of water! Most people haven’t sat around a table with a brush and some pretty colors since kindergarten so my hope is it will bring out some hidden artists in the surfer girls since they are already such beautiful artists on the water. And then I will do some live painting which I have never done before so it will be a first time peek into my own creative process.

For the love of(tell us what you do for love…For instance, for us, it’s the love of the sea, being in the sun, surfing with our sisters, and living a bikini kinda life). I myself, of course, can sign off on all those things. Blue skies and perfect waves. But I grew up surfing in Sweden where I’m from so I totally also love getting into thick neoprene in sideways snowstorm for a shitty surf session just based on how good that hot chocolate tastes afterward.

How would you define your style? Any favorites from the current Billabong Womens collection? I’m a functional comfort dresser but love a little touch of personal style that's both funky and classic. Maybe somewhere between blue jean baby and Pippi long stocking. The All Over denim overalls from the new collection is a sure favorite. You can fit so many paintbrushes in there!

What is your studio like? How does this help in your process? My studio is like my little creative playground. I have a big table for painting where I can carry out my day to day work. But it’s also full of many other projects that run in the background and keep things interesting in my head. A dark room for photo development, rolls of fabric for future textile projects, a little printing press, music instruments I can’t really play, clay for ceramics, wood and metal engravers, too much-collected driftwood and many tattoo guns. I try not to stagnate in my style and work on a true personal expression that shines through no matter the medium.

What kind of advice would you give a young artist? To move somewhere new that inspires your project and where you can take the time to go 110% all in to start your artist career. Give yourself a year to say I’m an artist and this is my full-time job, it’s probably the kindest thing you can do to your dream. If you feel it’s truly your calling then don’t let your personal expression die as an evening hobby. Go full time and friggin create a business card right from the get-go. Introduce yourself as an artist enough times and people say ok sure, she’s an artist. And then you have the time after to try to figure out if you are a good artist, which will probably take you multiple lifetimes. That's the eternal question of working artists. Yours truly can testify to that.

Any travel plans? I just came back from a big sail across the Atlantic so currently only dreaming of traveling 10 minutes between local villages in search of waves. But there is a little dream brewing of doing a car race with my friend's vintage car down to Morocco.

What are some of your must-sees for traveling to Biarritz, France and nearby areas? A good surf session off-season in la Côte des Basques, sunbaking on the stairs below Belza castle, Chocolate sorbet at Dezamy, Rioja around Les Halles and hiking to the top of Les Trois Couronnes.