• For The Love Of...Florals with Lady Brindille

For The Love Of...Florals with Lady Brindille

We’re celebrating a Summer of love in France. For us it’s our love of the sea, being in the sun, surfing with our sisters, and living a bikini kinda life…

As we get ready to enjoy a summer of surfing with the Billabong Women’s Surf Team with a night of artistry, surf cinema and dancing under the stars, we wanted to introduce you to a few of our creative French favorites from Biarritz.

Meet floral artist and plant whisperer, who will be joining us with a special Billabong Womens French basket floral workshop at our event at The Beach House in Anglet.

Read our Q&A. For the Love of…Florals with Lady Brindille

Tell us a little bit about Lady Brindlle? And yourself…"My name is Celine, I’m a floral artist and creator of LADY BRINDILLE.

I genuinely am always seeking for new adventures and destinations to travel to, which is why my freelance career is so valuable to me. It allows me to go anywhere I want.

I lived in Paris, London, Australia and as soon as I can I travel some more…My latest trips were to Marrakech & South Africa. Those were true moments of wonder and escape and I need these quite regularly as they constantly inspire my work.

Despite my previous life in central London, I remain very attached to nature and the sense of freedom that comes with it. I don’t like when everything is planned in advance. I just want to live my life to the fullest: spontaneously, to go where the wind takes me (private joke)”

My professional career definitely started on the fast lane, first in Paris then in the heart of London. I worked for more than two years in this incredible event agency in Notting Hill. Everyday new projects came in to hold events in the most prestigious and hyped spots of London. I learned a lot during these years of hard labour. And yet, at some point, the rush of this sophisticated lifestyle wasn’t enough anymore. Deep in my heart I felt my home (the South West of France) was calling me back.

Also, the dream of starting my own project, being my own boss and freer in a way had been stuck in my head for a while now.

So, without further do, I launched my workshop in Seignosse Hossegor. So far, it has been nothing but an amazing journey. I have met amazing people with whom I love to work with.

We’re all truly passionate about what we do and share the same appetite for life. It makes sense then we’re always helping each other out, as friends and as co-workers. My girls, as I call them, Lise & An, Englantine, Jeanne & Victoire from the RUBAN COLLECTIF are just sublime! They’re all full of wonderful extravagance and strong friendships were definitely made. I wouldn’t be where I am today without all these wonderful encounters."

Where do you call home? And what’s are some of the best parts about living in the southern part of France? The best part about living in Hossegor, no matter the time of the year, is that you definitely feel sheltered here, it’s like living in a cocoon … Also, you’re able to have a very close relationship with nature. You are surrounded by it and you can witness its power every day. Especially the power of the ocean, simply by taking long walks on the beach. So many other subtleties make life here really special :-)

When did you first discover your penchant for florals? "Les fleurs" had been close to my heart since childhood. But it’s a trip to Australia that truly revealed my entrepreneurship and creative spirit… more than ten years ago now.

Tell us a little bit about what your making for our ‘For The Love Of..’ summer event in France? We love a good sneak peek! I’m going to make some Flower Power!

basically, a car where flowers will be thrown out by the windows, the doors, the trunk. I will also host a workshop, where the girls will create hampers made out of fresh flowers…and a few other surprises as well…

For the love of(tell us what you do for love…For instance, for us, it’s the love of the sea, being in the sun, surfing with our sisters, and living a bikini kinda life). I’m truly in love about the feeling of love. More than a feeling, it is a way to just… be! The love of nature, of the wind that shakes the leaves, the sound of a breaking wave. The love that allows me live perfectly aware of everything, of these precious moments shared with friends and family. Pour l'amour de l'amour . . . (For the love of love) and so many other things too!

The best part of working with other female creatives? Madness :-)

We all have different backgrounds, our own unique energy, and yet we manage to have this cohesion; this insane willingness to create together while helping each other out....

What’s a typical day is like? Or what the process of a project is like for you? To be honest, every day is different. First, there are multiple ways to contact me for a floral project: phone, email, the website, Instagram, Facebook, the Ruban Collectif, or professional and/or private acquaintance. From there, it depends. I tend to place human relationships, trust and communication at the forefront of any new encounter, to see if I can be on the same page as my clients.

I only had great projects so far, weddings, photoshoots, special events for companies…

I think, or I hope, (laughs) that my clients come to me for my own special way to arrange flowers which directly reflects my personality and Lady Brandille’s brand spirit: bohemian, raw, natural. When you want to be as authentic as possible at your job, you usually attract customers and co-workers with a similar approach; at least, this is what I have witnessed so far. Every relationship has been so easy and flowy, and customers were thrilled every time. Let’s hope it will last! (knock on wood! laughs)

What’s your creative space like? My workshop is a bit like me ;-) full of flowers, free spirited, slightly messy, simple, authentic, quirky, and a little bit rebellious.

What’s your favorite ‘It’ flower right now and why? Flowers you find on the side of a road, in the middle of a field… basically all the wild flowers you can watch but cannot pick.

Floral art feeds on what surrounds us you just have to learn how to look and admire what nature is giving us.

Are there any floral favorites you’re eyeing from our current collection? The ALL FLORED KIMONO TOP ... good for any occasion, it will give you this bohemian, flowy vibe. Plus, it is so comfortable. :-)

Any advice for a young creative entrepreneur? Be yourself no matter what. Do everything with love, remain innovative, listen to your inner voice and people around you.