• French Flashcards. Our guide to the South West of France

French Flashcards. Our guide to the South West of France

Fake (French) it…till you make it. We had a good time wandering the South West of France picking up some local lessons, waves, and French vocabulary with our Aussie trio – Felicity Palmateer, Josie Prendergast, and Pacha Light.

Here’s our cheat sheet to some French vocab along with our favorite local spots and travel tips from our week spent in South West France. Enjoy!

Fleur - Flower Found all over South West France this time of year, especially colorful hydrangeas and sunflowers.

Pain – Bread The most well-known form of bread in France is the crusty baguette. Enjoy warm before or after a surf session à la Côte des Basques!

Our favorite Boulangeries in Biarritz

Loubère A very charming Boulangerie and Pâtisserie, where the baguettes are absolutely always fresh!

Le Fournil Du RocherLocated on Rue Gambetta, many locals would argue that this tiny bakery makes the best baguettes in town!

Les Halles The morning market in the center of town is filled with bread stands where you can find big baskets filled with fresh baguettes!

Café – Coffee A single shot of espresson often drank for petit déjeuner and after meals. If you want it with milk ask for a café crème or café au lait.

Our favorite Coffee Spots in Biarritz

Miremont Enjoy a café, tea or deliciously thick hot chocolate at one of the oldest cafés in town. With an ocean view, bien sûr.

Bali Bowls Grab a café to-go to drink during you morning surf check. They’ll even put a palm tree in your foam for you!

Dodin Located right on the Grande Plage, watch the surf while enjoying the most indulgent cappuccino with a fresh croissant.

Plage - Beach Beaches are extra dreamy in the South of France this time of year! Covered in striped beach umbrellas and paired with fun waves.

Our favorite beaches in Biarritz

Grande Plage Like a postcard – this beach is covered in striped parasols (starting July 1st). Catch some fun (and often crowded) waves, and explore the local surf shops.

Port Vieux A dreamy little cove filled with turquoise water. Have a morning swim with Les Ours Blancs swim club and enjoy views of Roche de la Vierge.

Côte de Basques Longboard below the iconic Villa Belza while taking in the views of the Basque coastline. You can even see Spain off in the distance!

Plache de Surf Surfboard Bring your board to explore the Atlantic surf breaks…from barrels in Hossegor to point breaks along the Basque Coast.

Our favorite Surf Spots along the Atlantic Coast

La Graviere, Hossegor The legendary beach break famous for its heavy barrels and a stop of the WSL tour.

For more on our day in Hossegor, click here.

Côte des Basques, Biarritz The most iconic surf spot in Biarritz where surfing first started in France in the 50’s, with waves to accommodate both longboarders and shortboarders.

Parlementia, Guéthary A reef break reachable by a long paddle from the port of the dreamy little Basque fishing village. Known for its huge swells during the winter.

Pintxos - Basque Tapas Found on almost every bar top in San Sebastián, these bite-sized ‘appetizers’ are a must-try when in North West Spain.

Our favorite must-try Spanish Food and Drinks when spending a day in San Sebastian:


Kalimotxos red wine + cocoa-cola on ice. The perfect drink on a hot summer’s day.

Pimientos de Padrón


Txakoli sparkling Basque white wine

Solomillo bite of sirloin served on bread

Château - Castle Many buildings around Biarritz look like castles! Especially the iconis Villa Belza, which towers over the famous Côte des Basques.

Our favorite view points in Biarritz

View from Le Phare The small trek up to the lighthouse is more than worth it for the epic panoramic views of Biarritz!

View from the top of La Côte des Basques One of the locals’ favorite spots to enjoy an apéro with friends, watch the waves and enjoy the sunset.

View from Rocher De La Viege from Port Vieux One of Biarritz’s more dramatic views of the famous Virgin Mary statue on top of the ‘rocher’ (rock).

Bicyclette - Bicycle Hop on your beach cruiser to explore the famous French beach town of Hossegor!

What to pack for a day at the beach in the South West of France!

Panier – basket

Parasol – umbrella

Le bikini – Bikini

Crème Solaire – sunscreen

Chapeau – hat

Planche de surf – surfboard