• Girl Crush: Elyse Taylor

Girl Crush: Elyse Taylor

When we were thinking of who the face of our Billabong x INC campaign should be, Elyse Taylor was the first to spring to mind. It was an obvious choice for us and we couldn’t be happier that she is our model and muse for this very special collection. In between shots, while Elyse was warming up (it was 12 degrees and she was shooting in bikinis), we asked her a few questions. Read on to find out more about this blinding beauty.

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Tell us, what did it feel like shooting for Billabong again after 10 years?

It was so much fun! Billabong is like one big happy family to me and was nice to still feel apart of that after so many years. They are always so warm and welcoming and I love that some of the same crew are still around. Must be an epic place to work ;)

What is your earliest memory of Billabong?

Saving up my allowance to go to Surf Dive n Ski to get the latest Billabong bikini. I would always eye it up for so long and save my pennies. But by the time I did that, I would then want the newest one. Such a vicious cycle haha.

When did you first shoot with Josie of INC?

We shot together 2 years ago and hit it off straight away. We always joke that if we lived in the same city/country – that we would be the best of friends. I think Australians just have a great sense of humour so it’s so fun to come home and go on shoots with people that feel so normal and like family.

What do you love the most about her style of shooting?

Haha she’s the best, she always makes me look hot. My hair always looks super blonde as she makes sure the sun hits it on the right angle, my skin looks so tanned. Wish I had that tan year round but would look a bit weird in New York haha. She doesn’t drag out one look either, and knows when she has the shot. She’s a super fast photographer and has such great direction and encouragement. She always makes you feel like your best.

What has been your biggest achievement to date?

That’s an easy one, my daughter Lila! She’s my life.

What is a typical day like in New York for you?

That question is always difficult because I never have a set routine.

I’ll either be chasing my daughter around, working on a job, hanging with my bf or friends or working out. Those things are all my loves so a day filled up with that, and I’m truly happy.

Anything you really miss from Australia?

Yes my friends and family. And a good ol Aussie Summer of course. Those long days spent at the beach and you get home and you are so sunkissed and salty. Those are best kinds of days at home.

Had you ever been to Rottnest Island before? And what was your favourite part from the trip?

My favourite part of the trip was the boat rides with Josie’s dad Jock. He’s such a legend and made it so fun! He was so knowledgeable about the area and told us so many stories. I’d never been to Rottnest Island before, but Western Australia has quickly become my favourite place in Aus. It is just so stunning!

Favourite silhouette from the swim you shot in?

I liked the triangle top and the tanga bottom. Super old school and skimpy and sexy.

And finally, everyone wants to know. Your exercise regime, how do you get a washboard stomach like that?

You really just have to work out. And minimize your carb and sugar intake. It’s kind of that simple. It’s also my job, so it’s really different for me. I’m sure if I wasn’t I’d be a couch potatoe for sure!

The It's Now Cool Lookbook | Shop the Collection | Travel Diaries: Rottnest Island