• Girl Crush – Q & A with Fredrika

We recently took Fredrika on a trip to France for a true Billabong experience, a weekend filled with surf, connections, new friends, lots of selfies and bikinis. While we were there we sat down with one of our fav style icons and got some more insight into her enviable life. Read on to find out why we are girl crushing on her, her personal style and all her beauty secrets.

You are originally from Sweden, tell us, why did you move to Australia?
For love! What else? My partner is from Melbourne and his love for Australia became quite contagious after a while!

What does a typical day look like for you?
It always changing as my job is not the normal 9-5 office job but I always start the day with taking my puppy out and go for a coffee. After returning home I usually work for a few hours on my laptop answering emails, editing photos etc. Usually I go shoot some content when Nick comes home in the early afternoon, then gym or the beach if the weather allows! Evenings I spend cooking heaps of food!

We are so in love with your beach babe hair and flawless complexion, tell us your beauty secrets?
You guys are so sweet!! I 100% believe that your skin is a reflection of what you put on the inside. I try to eat as clean as possible, heaps of veggies and lots of hydration! But when I say clean I mean also lots of coffee and ice cream. There has to be a balance! Otherwise my go to is oils of every kind. I love Aesop facial oils and argan oil for the hair.

Describe your personal style?
Lots and lots of colors. Especially in summer! Other than crazy colors I like to keep it quite simple. My staple outfit is an old pair of jeans and a linen shirt. To dress is up I wear heaps of jewellery or high heels.

What’s one item in your wardrobe you can’t live without?
High waisted jeans with button fly. Preferably really washed out and straight at the bottom with a frayed hem!

Who is your style icon?
Although the specific person always changes the decades never do. 60’s and 70’s all the way every day. I was definitely born in the wrong decade! A young Birgitte Bardot in jeans, t shirt and a cozy knit in the early 60s is a winner every time.

Can you give us your jetsetting tips and how to overcome jetlag?
I wish I could. It kills me every time! I survive on a stack of good books and healthy snacks. There is no worse feeling than lack of sleep combined with shitty airplane food. Upon arrival, keep busy until local bedtime. Surround yourself with people that makes you laugh so that you forget that you’re actually crazy tired! And HYDRATE!!!

What’s one thing you can’t travel without?
A big cozy knit. You never know what kind of temperature airplanes and airports are gonna be. Plus when I’m tired I’m always cold!

Top 5 things in your carry on luggage?
Facial oil, toothbrush, my laptop, a big book and my own tea bags (cannot stand black airplane tea). I get all kinds of cozy on flights! Oh and socks!!

What are your plane rituals when travelling on long haul flights – like Australia to France?
I bring a little mini spa with me. Before boarding I use an exfoliator, then I put on a hydrating mask during the flight, before landing I wipe of anything that hasn’t been absorbed and do a toner and lastly before arriving I apply a thick layer of oil. I may look tired but at least my skin is feeling good and not dry and flaky!

Where is your favourite beach in the world?
I can’t tell you that, it is a secret!!! Me and Nick has this one beach in Greece that is our absolute favourite. It still hasn’t been overcrowded with tourists and it is absolutely magical!! I never met a beach I didn’t like though. I don’t think I’m that picky, I can always find something I like about a beach! My favourite one from this last trip with Billabong was the Bourdaines in Hossegor!

One piece or bikini?
Bikini. My tummy will not be tan discriminated! However one piece are perfect for changing in to and throwing on a pair of denim off cuts or linen skirt over when leaving the beach!

Your earliest memory of Billabong?
When I was about 10 or 11 I went to Lacanau in France with my family. All I remember from that summer is a lot of boogie boarding, Billabong rashies and swimwear and a tonne of croissants!

And your favourite piece from the collection you wore in France?
That’s not a fair question!! All the pieces serve a purpose! If I had to chose it would probably be the long black linen jumpsuit with buttons on the front and the white cozy crew sweater. I’ll be living in those two this euro summer!

What’s in your billabong.com.au shopping cart?
The fleece hooded pullover that will save me when returning to freezing Melbourne in a few weeks!

What’s your life motto?
With risk of sounding cheesy; Do what makes you happy. Life really is too short to waste time on stuff you don’t want to do! Adulting already requires a bunch of boring tasks, don’t fill up your free time with them as well!

One piece of advice that has stuck with you?
Go with your gut. It knows better than your head.

3 people you would invite to a dinner party?
Sir David Attenborough , Maya Angelou and Frida Kahlo. Who wouldn’t want to be at that dinner!!