• GIRL CRUSH; Thea Mouysset

GIRL CRUSH; Thea Mouysset

We love to chase the Summer sun, so the best thing to do when the sand gets too cold for your toes in Australia, is to head to the Northern Hemisphere to see our family from Billabong Europe. They are based in Hossegor but we thought we would spend two nights in Biarritz so we could explore some more. We met up with local surfer, skater and ultimate French beauty; Thea Mouysset and she showed us her favourite spots in the beachtown of Biarritz. Read on to find out how Thea lives a bikini kinda life French style.

Hi Thea, we had a great time with you discovering Biarritz. Could you describe what a typical or ideal day for you is like?

Hi! I couldn’t agree more, I had such a nice time with you guys. I won’t forget about it anytime soon.

I am not from Biarritz originally but this place is very close to my heart. It’s a known fact, Biarritz never lets you forget the place in a hurry.

An ideal day for me would start with a morning surf session with perky waves and a nice summer light; followed by a cup of coffee with Cécilia (photographer) at the famous surf spot ”La côte des basques” where we would, as we always do, try to reinvent the world. Then I’d go for a healthy lunch with Sirikit at the Frozen Palm. In the afternoon, I’d skate around Biarritz and take pictures of the passersby, the streets, interesting lights. Actually, I’d mostly take pictures of Biarritz’s Hydrangea heads. I’d then eat an ACAI bowl at Bali bowls to get some energy before a last sunset surf session and the dazzling lights that comes with it.

This is what my ideal/typical day in Biarritz looks like.

Describe yourself in three words? You can use french words ;)

I’m a dreamer, creative and… naive. I live on my own little planet where everything is possible and anything can happen.

How do you take care of your sun-kissed skin and your beautiful hair?

Hydration! I have my own little daily ritual. When I go surfing, I use a special hair spray that keeps my hair protected from salted water and sunlight. As for my skin, I always use sunscreen and moisturize it after every shower. It’s actually pretty simple but works wonders!

What’s your favorite thing to eat? We hope it’s baguettes and croissants!

I love summer salads, you know… with yellow, green and red tomatoes, avocados, burrata mozarella, flax and sesame seeds and a nice Italian vinegar. But the best out of all this – and it’s not necessarily the healthiest but the “frenchiest”- is the warm French bread that goes with your salad.

How do you stay in shape when you are surrounded by so many tasty foods? We heard French people eat anything they want, but in smaller portions. Is it true?

I love staying active and the feeling you get after your work out. I’m lucky enough to have a job that keeps me in shape. I think French people are like many people, “de bons vivants” (people who enjoy life to the fullest). When it comes to healthy and good food in general, I don’t think you should ever restrain yourself. For example, I always order desert at the restaurant. You have to treat yourself sometimes, life’s too short. The only advice I could give is to exercise regularly.

What’s your favorite French beach for a good surf?

I love surfing in the Landes where you have endless sandy wild beaches… always mesmerizing. I don’t have a favorite surf spot in particular since sandbanks are always moving throughout the year. But for the most part, let’s say I would favor a place with decent waves and fewer people in the water rather than perfect waves with a crowded line-up. Our French surf spots are often very crowded, and it is occasionally difficult to establish yourself and be respected. But even if you can’t sometimes, a surf session always puts a smile on my face anyway.

If you were planning your next trip, where would you go?

Byron Bay on the Gold Coast. In my mind, I imagine this place is filled with good vibes and breathtaking scenery. I heard so many good things about it as well, its surf culture, lifestyle… it made me really curious and envious to go there. A part of me also wants to visit Bali, and since it isn’t really far from Australia, why not visit both places in a single trip?

Where can we find the best breakfast in Biarritz?

Best breakfast in Biarritz for me would be to: buy croissants in any bakery, grab a cup of tea to go at the Frozen Palm, then go savor it on top of any Biarritz’s hills, like the lighthouse, and watch the town slowly wakening.

What’s your favorite weekend activity?

The beach and the waves pretty much rule my life. I just love feeling the heat of the sun, the ocean spray, enjoy a good swell. It’s my way to clear my mind and let everything go. It’s usually followed by a glass of red wine with my special someone to watch the sun set and typically ends with a midnight bath in the ocean. I also dedicate a lot of my time to my mom. It’s very important to me. She’s also a sun lover so I think you already guessed where we mostly spend time together: THE BEACH!

Sunrise or Sunset?

It’s really hard for me to choose. I can’t choose, these are two magical moments. And when you can see the moon uncover the sun or vice versa it’s even better. Morning or evening lights are always worth contemplating.

Bikini or one-piece swimsuit?

Bikini! You get less tan lines.

We heard your boyfriend is quite dreamy… How did you guys meet? Tell us more about your fairy tale.

It’s not a myth, he truly is dreamy. We met at work when we were both surf instructors at the same surf school. I was still in apprenticeship training and Boris was my mentor. I knew right away I was the luckiest girl in the world: the sexiest man I’ve ever seen was giving me tips on how to become a better surf instructor. It’s been more than 2 years now, and I thank my Karma every day to be with someone like him, in the good and bad times. Life has been so good to me.

Among the Billabong Australia collection we shot together, what is your favorite piece?

I just love the floral jumpsuit, it’s so chic and casual at the same time. You can wear it on any occasion: a dinner in a fancy restaurant or a casual day the beach. It’s rare to find such a versatile piece of clothing. Girls, I’m telling you, you’ll love it!

What’s your favorite song lately?

I’m a huge fan of old school tunes in general. But let’s be really French thus, really romantic: the cover of “La javanaise” by Madeleine Peyroux. I’ll listen to this song until the day I die.

And to wrap up this interview, are there any other cool places to visit in Biarritz when you’re a first-timer? Any cafés, restaurants, bars, stores, beaches…?

Here is my “to do while in Biarritz” list:

-The Milady beach, absolutely gorgeous.

-The Bar de la Grande Plage at « La Grande Plage » beach. The scenery is perfect when you want to go for drinks by the ocean with your friends.

-The stand art events, always a success. They take place in a club located at the Côte des Basques beach. Again, mesmerizing scenery and good music.

- I’m aware I’m repeating myself but the FROZEN PALM coffee shop, where you can enjoy tasty and colorful food and drinks.

- The Bali Bowls: fresh and tasty food as well, how could you resist?

- « Les halles » in Biarritz. It’s a food market open every morning, but on Sundays you can get an omellette topped with truffle flakes. Such a treat!

- Located in one of my favorite streets in Biarritz, the vintage store “Les enfants terribles” is the place to go if you want to find unique and stylish vintage clothes.

- « Les baigneuses » is another bar located at the very small but also cutest beach in Biarritz « Port Vieux ». Ideal for a drink on the terrace while you watch the sun setting.

- As for a good restaurant, I recommend the Aréna, also located at the « Port vieux » beach. The food is great and the design of the restaurant is beautiful.