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Trawling around the internet for a living has it's perks. Every now and then you stumble upon cool shit that just has to be shared with your broader community.

Here is something we found today...

A message from GrooveShark.com

Music compels all of us--individually, in our own way. It fills our moments, our cars, our movies, and our thoughts. Grooveshark started with one question: how could we be enriched by changing the way we find and listen to music?

Our goals: To improve the connection between people and music. To change the music industry in ways they seem so unwilling to consider. To have fun.

We have a team of 40 passionate employees who wake up daily to live and work for the music, but what we're really about is simple: you. We want you to help us grow, get better, and help us help the music. It's the one thing we can all agree on


Here is a video on how it all works...

What is Grooveshark? from ben westermann-clark on Vimeo.