• Gypsy Soul...

Part 1 - 2011

It has been a while since I have sat down and wrote anything worth reading.

So today I have decided to get of my lazy backside , kick the procrastination

And ignore writer's block.

I give you here, dear reader's a little insight into my year

Hopefully you will find my adventures as interesting as I did !


I have always and will forever have this itching coursing through my veins. The need to keep moving, to cruise the need to adventure and explore .

I have a gypsy soul!

21 in February . Scary thought that. We spend so much of our childhood eagerly awaiting the first day of BIG school then our 17th birthdays so we can start driving, our 18th so we can legally drive alone and visit clubs earlier exclusive to the older generations and those with quality printers and fake ID's.

But reality hits you almost as hard as the responsibilities that come with age.

NOT that I am complaining . Seriously I hardly have any responsibilities right now!

Living le Vida Loca.

My 21st was nuts ( at least that's what I heard) all my friends and family came dressed to the tee.. The theme was rock n' rolla!. Best dressed would have been a hard prize to give..

Everybody looked fantastic! I have special people in my life.

Soon after that I cruised down under;


Australia, if I went into the details we would be here forever. So keeping it sweet and simple. Skipping the mission I arrived on the Central Coast of Australia where I spent 10 days with Nikita Robb at Amy Donohoe's parents house. Surfed a contest in Newcastle. Got some of the best waves this year at a 'secret spot' and ate baked scones and beetroot brownies all day long. Next stop was Brisbane, Nikita and I were splitting ways here and meeting back up in Western Australia for the Drug Aware Pro. I was meeting my long lost friend Stuz but first a big mission involving car's, trains more trains, a plane, another train , a bus then a walk up the street laden with 4 boards, a travel bag, backpack and camera bag. I literally resembled a pack horse.

Hanging out with Stuz was awesome I hadn't seen her since Hawaii in 2009. I love that chick she is the epiphany of a gypsy. After 10 glorious days hanging out, surfing and eating beans on English muffins it was time to make my way to Margaret River.

The contest didn't go as planned, I was devastated at losing early and at that point I missed Cameron ( my Boyfriend) very much . Nikita and an Argentinean girl I was staying with decided to change flights and make the long drive to Perth a couple days earlier.. I tried to change my flights but with little avail. We spent our last few days wine tasting and enjoying sunsets.. Then the time came and I took the chance of rocking up at the airport and hoping I could get on the flight to Johannesburg which was supposedly full- we got lost on the way to the airport, stress levels through the roof!!! Eventually got there, couple elevator trips up to SAA counter then back to Qanta's help desk, a tear or two and $200 later I was booked on the 12pm flight home.


WHEN IN DOUBT KIDS JUST CRY! but there is an art to crying though, you cant look like a spoilt hysterical brat with gooey snot running out your nose; The trick is to look absolutely devastated ,tears spilling uncontrollably while still trying your best to stay composed! always works.

I wont fret the small stuff stayed home for a couple weeks training and what not.

Surfed South African Champs where I placed 5th!

HELLO Europe; Europe will always hold a special place in my heart.

My Mommy came along for the ride this time . I had two events The Swatch Pro in France and the Billabong Girls Pro in Portugal!

This was our plan, land in Madrid Spain drive through the country side towards the coast stopping at designated towns and villages (my mom had a full itinerary, including km's, times and deadlines) reach the coast spend the night, drive to the Airport in Bilboa and pick up Nikita, spend another night in spain hopefully surf in the morning , drive through to France, find Faye, Contest, drive all the way to Salamanca in Spain then Portugal, Contest and drive all the way back to Madrid exploring the city for 2 nights and a full day!


In all honesty the first part of our epic journey went according to plan somewhat, except getting lost in Burgos for hours, it was lovely driving through spain stopping at every little village that caught our eye.. and the Catherdral in Burgos was absolutely breath taking the absolute opulence and wealth of the catholic church is outstanding..

Words or Happy snaps could convey the feeling of inadequacy that comes over you when standing next to such an architectural beast.


Okay so literally the rest of the trip was a complete comedy of error's.. I had grown accustomed to my brilliant navigating skills on the way down. Problem is, its pretty easy to navigate on a completely straight highway with BIG direction signs everywhere.. We got to Nikita with virtually no incident .. We misread something and got times mixed up ( to be honest I don't know what happened) but Nikita wasn't at the Airport. Mom and i improvised and went to check out the Guggenheim Museum. Returned back to the airport and Nikita had been waiting there for HOURS!

No Boards and No Bags.

So staying in the middle of nowhere. The ocean is one hectic walk down the cliff through a forest on a fairly big muddy track.. No one in Spain speaks English.

When in doubt do not drive your car down a forest track in the rain in Spain.

It will get stuck, hysterics will follow and you WILL need a tractor to pull your rental car out of the deep deep hole you have dug it into.. Apparently Car's no go down there! Only realized near the bottom!.whoops

But I have rambled on a bit too much .. I don't know too many people that can read more than a hundred words so lets cut this short.

Part one done !. If you are interested in the rest of our Europe Trip and how we faired driving through the country side with no gps; stay tuned for Part two, and possibly three for Mentawaii's and Sri Lanka

Peace guys