Today, the bikini turns 67!
To celebrate, we asked Daniella Ciano - our Global Swimwear Designer, to share her favourite Billabong Bikinis with us...

Where did your love of bikinis start?
My love of bikinis started at a very young age - spending endless summer days at the beach and loving the freedom of just wearing a bikini.

Favourite bikini moment from your time at Billabong?
It would have to be, having 2 bikinis that I designed featured in Sports Illustrated 2013 (this year) the Baja and Goddess Bikini.

How to you cope through the winter months without them?
I usually escape the Winter for a few weeks and head to a sunny tropical destination so that I get my bikini wearing fix... usually Bali or Hawaii. This year it will be Hawaii!

01_Summer 2004

SUMMER 2004:
Chi Chi Mix Ups | Beauty: Alana Brennan

02 Summer 2005

SUMMER 2005:
Marrakesh Bikini | Beauty: Ashley Cheadle

04 Summer 2008

Hi SUMMER 2008:
Mentawais Bikini | Beauty: Elyse Taylor

05 Summer 2009

Hi SUMMER 2009:
Mexico Bikini | Beauty: Tori Praver

06_Summer 2009

Hi SUMMER 2009:
Swell Bikini | Beauty: Tori Praver

07 Summer 2010

SUMMER 2010:
Liv Bikini | Beauty: Bec Ronald

08 HiSummer 2011

Hi SUMMER 2011:
Wonderland Bikini | Beauty: Jocelyn Savage

09_Bikini Rules

Hi SUMMER 2011:
Bikini Rules | Beauties: Catherine Clarke, Jocelyn Savage, Bec Ronald

10 Summer 2012

SUMMER 2012:
Off Shore Bikini | Beauty: Bec Ronald

12 HiSummer 12

Hi SUMMER 2012:
Baja Bikini | Beauty: Zippy Seven

11 HiSummer 2012

Hi SUMMER 2012:
Goddess Bikini | Beauty: Sara Ruba

12 Summer 2013

SUMMER 2013:
Woodstock Bikini | Beauty: Zippy Seven

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