We hate north east winds, we hate blue bottles, we hate contests with no swell, we hate bad webcasts and most of all, we hate people who hate our way of life. But we love burleigh point, we love warm water, we love Indo boat trips and the North Shore of Hawaii. We love new boards, fresh surfing and most of all we love the girls in our lives.

Everyone has their hate/loves. The loves that make you smile and the hates that make you cringe. Like you, our team hate and love, they are passionate humans and it's on show in our new Winter 10 campaign called, you guessed it HATE/LOVE.

It was shot by Sydney fashion photographers Nic Hudson and Pete Daly. Love it or hate it, this is it. Andy, Parko, Taj and Wade plus their girls.

In that frame of mind we are giving you the opportunity to win some of the threads the boys are wearing in the shoots. Now, we know you won't love everything here, so we are going to let you pick five items, and we'll send them anywhere in the world. Just tell us one thing you Hate and one thing you Love. The most creative post wins.

Here is some food for thought

Taj Burrow Loves - My private photo collection / Hates - Unexpected surprises

Joel Parkinson Loves - The ripe peach at the end of the branch / Hates - The Torture Of Ambition

Andy Irons Loves - Room service and life in a suitcase / Hates - bad airline connections and Dr Phil

Wade Goodall Loves - My WQS Vacation / Hates - The morning after

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