• Hawaii Vibes with Steph Claire Smith

Hawaii Vibes with Steph Claire Smith

We got to hang with the heavenly Steph Claire Smith on the North Shore of Hawaii. It was a picture perfect day with a warm breeze, palm trees, and plenty of bikinis. Get to know her a little more below.

Shot by our favourite Hawaiian wahine; Tara Rock aka Lady Slider


Name: Stephanie Smith

Nickname: Steph

I cook/bake an amazing: Healthy rocky road

My favourite song to workout to is: Lemon - NERD and Rihanna

I feel most confident wearing: A bikini

Treat me with: Chocolate and popcorn

3 things I’d never travel without: Phone, headphones and gym gear

My tips for beating jet-lag: get your body clock into the time zone you’re going to ASAP! For eg, if you’re landing somewhere at night time, try and stay awake on the plane so that you’re tired when you get there. If you’re landing in the morning try and sleep on the plane so that you’re energized and can stay awake that day. Do not nap when you get there haha!

My go-to breakfast: in winter is buckwheat oats with berries, PB and yoghurt and in summer it’s a smoothie bowl.

The secret to my flawless tan is: Switching up my bikinis so that I don’t get one prominent tan line. I also love using the Bondi Sands spf 15 oil

My skincare regime consists of: Face wipes, Clinique’s pep start exfoliating face wash and their moisture surge moisturizer. I like to keep it very minimal! Too much product sometimes clogs my pores up.

Summer means to me: Lots of fruit, time on the river with family and friends, and a nice tan.

I love to travel to: Hot places! Take me anywhere tropical where there’s clear water and heaps of fresh fruit and I’m happy.

Next stop on my bucket list is: New Zealand! We’re going there in February; I’m so excited it’s somewhere I’ve always wanted to explore.

My first celebrity crush was: Chad Michael Murray, and Zac Efron

My earliest Billabong memory is: mum shoving my rashie on me whenever I wanted to play in the sun.

The biggest misconception about models is: That none of us eat. Majority of models work incredibly hard for the way they look, exercising everyday and eating a very healthy diet.

The last book I read was: I’m half way through GUT by Giulia Enders

A series I can’t stop watching is: I just finished Stranger Things, LOVED IT. But my all time favourite TVC is friends.

Healthy body image became a passion for me when: I realized how many young girls were looking up to me for inspiration and motivation. I learnt to listen to the advice I was giving, and take it in for myself.

‘Keep It Cleaner’ is a way to empower young women and we do this by: showing girls that it’s not the number on the scales that matters, it’s their happiness. We’re trying to make healthy living as easy as possible so that they learn that true health comes from fresh food, an active life and happiness.

My favourite piece of advice is: Treat people how you wish to be treated

Tell us a liitle bit about the Hawaii trip with Billabong and what your favourite bikini from the shoot is: I love hawaii, but it was the first time going there with Josh, so it was fun to be able to work and holiday all at the same time with him. I think by the end of the trip I may have turned into an açaí berry hehe. The billabong crew are so awesome to work with and I feel like I’ve made a few really good new friends from the trip! I really loved the gingham one piece I wore in one of the last shots of the day, it was a really cute cut.