• Hello Venice!

Hello Venice!

We love capturing our team riders travels, so when Zahli mentioned she was going to stay with Sam Sibley in the states during the Oceanside event, we jumped on board!

The girls had a fun filled day all captured by our favourite Hawaiian goddess behind the lens; Tara Rock of Lady Slider. Find out what they got up to below!

Words by Zahli

Within my surfing career I have experienced a great number of foreign cities and attractions, however during my stay in Los Angeles I had the most amazing time, experiencing different areas throughout the city and sightseeing the local tourist attractions. One of the last things I did during this time was take part in a photo shoot at Venice Beach. We traveled by car to the backstreets of the famous sea side city to a popular street art location. Within Venice Beach, street art is located on almost all major buildings within the arty district, however this location in particular was extremely eye catching for me personally. One of the main artworks that had me mesmerised was a huge brick wall painting, made by ‘Loveberto’ who is a well known artist within the area. This piece in particular caught my eye due to it’s bright orange and yellow colours representing the Venice Beach sunsets and the large blue waves depicted below this.

After looking at all there was to see within the backstreets, we then traveled back to the beach for a quick surf. This time we visited a new beach known as ‘Topanga State Beach,’ this is a beach that I would describe as a mini Malibu and is a popular break due to it’s little right handed point. After catching a few fun waves, we then went to a local baseball field. Although it was a small field, this was extremely cool for me personally as the game baseball is not so popular back home in Australia. As we walked around the field we took some photos and had a really good time taking in the atmosphere. Overall the day we had in Venice was a super fun experience and I look forward to travelling back one day soon.

Zahli :)

Words by Sam Sibley

When I found out that Billabong wanted to do a shoot with Zalhi and I in LA, I was over the moon! Coming from the small surf-town of San Clemente, I never really had the opportunity to venture into LA, besides my frequent trips to the LAX airport. I did't really know what to expect from the big city. That morning we woke up early and drove into LA. Our first stop on our Los Angeles adventure was Venice Beach. We met our wonderful photographer Tara Rock in front of the Venice sign. Venice beach was unlike any other place that I have ever been. The people, food, and the buildings had vibrant color and culture. The beaches were huge! The stand stretched on for miles and miles. The water was warm and welcoming, glistening in the early morning sunlight. On our way to the next location, we encountered some serious LA traffic. Finally, we found ourselves on Kinney Blvd surrounded by many beautiful murals. My favorite art piece was the 3D mural of the wacky faces. To reset the day after the stressful city traffic we went to where we felt the most at home. We ended up at this cool little right-hand point break called Topanga. The waves were small but we still had a blast.. The water was warm, the sun was shining, we couldn't complain! After our fun surf session at Topanga, we went to another beach a little further south. It was only us and a swing set on the desolate stretch of sand. All of us were tripping because we found somewhere in LA where it was completely empty, it was just us. After strolling the beach and playing on the swing set, we decided to venture inland. We found ourselves on a baseball field. Enjoying some ice-cream and making each other laugh, it was a good end to our day. As the warm, Californian sun was starting to set we said our goodbyes to Tara. I will never forget the memories, and adventures I had in LA!