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As much as we all know that surfing is a sport for individuals, it is also a lifestyle that is lived by a community of like-minded people. As a community, we can overcome challenges that are too great for individuals.

Bodeen Vince Riley, aged just 14, is one such individual that could do with our collective support.

Bodeen is the eldest daughter of Reg Riley, a one-time MP protégé and Snapper Rocks stalwart. She has been diagnosed with cancer Hodgkin's lymphoma, to be precise.

Various members of the surf community, including Quiksilver, Rip Curl and Billabong, have joined the community that is seeking to raise funds to help Bodeen as she undertakes chemotherapy to fight her illness.

A large tumor that has developed in her lungs is pushing her heart to the opposite side of her chest. The chemotherapy has reduced the tumor by an estimated 80%, but the fight continues to remove the balance 20%.

We, as brands within the surf community, are helping in the fight by donating specially-crafted surfboards from our key team riders. The boards are each being auctioned, with 100% of the proceeds going to Bodeen and her family sisters Amber and Monai and mum Nicky.

Let's help them look after one of our own.

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