• Hey from Dimity


The 2011 Pro Junior Series started at Bells Beach in Victoria in January and I had the best start by winning that first event! I was then leading the ratings going into the next event that was held at Newcastle in March. I finished 3rd place and that was enough to keep me in the lead on the ratings. The 3rd event was in Perth, and I was lucky enough to stay with Felicity at her house! I came 2nd to Philippa Anderson in that event and she overtook me in the ratings. That made it really exciting heading into the last event down in South Australia. Going into the event Philippa and I were neck and neck at 1st and 2nd place on the ratings. I only had to do one better than her in the contest and I would have won. The way the heat draw was, we wouldn't meet up in a heat unless we made the final...unfortunately I lost my semi-final in a close heat, and she made the final which sealed my 2nd place finish on the Australasian Pro Junior Series!

It has been a really fun year so far and travelling to all the Pro Juniors I have made some really good friends from all over Aus! Next year I look forward to seeing some more places over the world, hopefully winning some more events and more fun!!!

Lucky I came 2nd at the Perth Pro Junior, we got to crown the winner with Chill iced coffee!!!

The Pro Junior down in South Aus was FREEZING!!!!We had to get booties and gloves to keep our hands and feet from going numb!

Me, Georgia and Codie

Dimity xo