• Hometown Hero. Courtney Conlogue WINS the US Open

Hometown Hero. Courtney Conlogue WINS the US Open

Courtney Conlogue comes back from injury to win the 2018 US Open

Huntington Beach is Courtney Conlogue's playground. So when the US Open of Surfing comes into town, you know she's here to win more than ever. The week wasn't the strongest for sizable waves so that's when the judging criteria turns to style and progression. And with the crowd on her side, she used all of that energy to fuel her fire.

Courtney didn't have an easy heat line-up. She upset world number 2, Lakey Peterson, in the Quarterfinal and went on to eliminate current world title leader, Stephanie Gilmore, in the Final. It went down to the wire as the two exchanged wave for wave with Courtney eventually landing three solid scores to take the lead and be crowned the US Open Champion.

After this week, Courtney is definitely back on the top of her game as she said she's feeling really strong. We can't wait to see what she does next at the first ever, Surf Ranch Pro, at the WSL wave pool. Go Court!!