• How to: Film from a jet ski with Matt Lackey

For the past month the guys at Billabong have been letting me pillage there jetski's they have up there at the office, its crazy how many more options you have when you have a ski, clean 2 foot waves turn into crazy launch pads and heavy reefs become more user friendly!..So for the past month ive been the guy hanging out at the boat ramps talking carpark trash with the boat people, boat ramps attract some different characters that's for sure!.

Ive attached a funny little clip of me and a mate out on the ski, it's a reef a few hours south from my house, so before returning the ski i went out and shot a few emptys for the blog!.now you gotta know before watching the clip, the little sony camera im using has no water housing, im driving the ski with one hand, alex on the back and im trying not to get this camera wet, we have some close calls, almost rolled the ski at one stage, but got some good old dodgy footage for the blog!..

To see some of alex's still shots from the sessions check out http://blog.aophoto.com.au/