• I am Mitchell Parkinson

What is it that makes Billabong grommet, Mitch Parkinson, wish to be re-incarnated as an irritating blue-bottle, green ant or mosquito?

Maybe it's so he can get back at some of the kooks and unrelenting crowds that infiltrate his home-break of Snapper Rocks, or maybe it's just the cheeky, grommet-like genetics inherent of the Parkinson clan - the stuff of his dad, Daryl, Uncle Brian and famous surfing cousin, Joel?
Whatever it may be, it's clear lil' Mitchy has also inherited the Parkinson's Alpha surfing gene. At 17, his performances are well rounded; on the face, in the air, and even in the nude! Check out his nude Backdoor sesh ... (and we're talking Backdoor Pipe, Hawaii here - not metaphorically!) and crisp action from Indo and around Oz.