• Iggy Pop Lives His Life in Boardshorts

Sometimes it feels like nothing could be farther apart than the slow paced beaches of the North Shore where the Billabong team calls home during the winter and the dark, gritty clubs of the 70's and 80's where Iggy Pop cut his teeth and earned the title of "Godfather of Punk," but when the Iggy accepted our invitation to this year's Billabong Pipe Masters, fusing the two worlds for a photoshoot at Keiki Beach was a challenge we happily took on.

The Billabong team, ranging from icons like Occy and Joel Parkinson down to our newest riders Axel Irons and Jackson Dorian, interacted effortlessly with Iggy, who, despite nearly six decades of stage-diving and general raging, is as easygoing as he is badass. As he sat sitting and laughing with Creed McTaggart on a couch somewhere between Log Cabins and Keiki, Iggy launched into an impromptu acoustic version of his 1979 track "The Endless Sea" as generations of surfers stood transfixed. Iggy, raw as ever, announced he hadn't played that song in over 25 years.

Throughout the afternoon as the sun set over the Pacific Ocean, photographers Brian Bielmann and Duncan Macfarlane directed and re-directed the team through a series of shots, including one that had the boys buried up to their necks in sand with Iggy fulfilling the role of the man who put them there. A couch came out and the boys dug themselves out allowing for Brian to get the shot of the session, the one at the top of this page and the one currently gracing Stab's front page. The photo, with its series of icons and future stars, is something that is sure to go down as an iconic moment in our brand's history.

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All photos by Brian Bielmann and Duncan Macfarlane. Thanks to Stab Magazine for their help on this shoot.