• Incredible Fiji!

Fiji isn't like any other place I've been before. Yes, in some ways it is the typical island escape with all the incredible attributes of a tropical destination including amazing waves, white sand, coral reef, palm trees and the list keeps going. But there is also a rare beauty in their preserved culture that I haven't experienced before. The Fijians are so welcoming and openhearted in every aspect of their lives. Whether it is taking you out to the best break in their boat, or to their village to see the way they live, it is always with best intentions!no strings attached. I hope the photos below can give you a glimpse of the amazing experience I was blessed with and loved.

This is Plantation Island (the place I stayed) from the boat that took us out surfing everyday. It is about 10km around the whole island, so pretty small, but what it lacked in size it made up for in perfection.


This was the boat that took us out to the reefs everyday. We were lucky enough to get a really fun swell that allowed us to surf Cloudbreak, Namotu lefts, Wilks passage, Swimming Pools and Desperations. All of them are really fun. I don't know which one I like the best because I got good waves every session.

Surfing Cloudbreak on a smaller day


The island was basically untouched on the opposite side to the resort. The beaches were so beautiful!!! I could try describing what I saw but I think the photos kind of speak for themselves.


Some of the ladies from the local island took us over to see their village and to meet some of the families. Like I said earlier, they are some of the loveliest people I have ever come across in my life.


This is out at Desperations on a smaller day. It's a really fun wave when there are no waves anywhere else. It breaks a bit like a beach but its over reef so the waves are prefect little A-frames.

All in all Fiji was an amazing holiday. I loved every minute of every day. I saw beautiful places and I met beautiful people. We had really fun waves and I didn't want to leave. What else could you ask for?