• Indo to Brazil and the roadkill along the way.

The front seat of a car, people have fought over this thing for year, friendships broken, egos shattered,the front seat really determines the pecking order within groups of people.

However not on this trip, and if you have ever been to Indonesia, you know exactly why'šÃ„ö?Ñ ¬?..you see, when claiming the front seat not only do you get a great view of the road, you also get you birds eye view on the ragging head-ons that come your way around every blind corner!!! Seriously, by putting yourself in the front seat the risk of death every time you got on the road was in the 85% rate!! One situation is forever tattooed in my mind, we came hooking around yet another blind corner only to be greeted my a motorbike with 2 guys on it, wrong side of the road, I had no doubt they were going to be coming through the front windscreen, but somehow they missed by inches, literally'šÃ„ö?Ñ ¬?.i looked at our driver, the guy hadn'šÃ„ö?Ñ? ¥t even flinched! Just looked at me and said "ohhhhh nooooo prrroobbleeeemmmm" then straight back to sucking on his cigarette while accelerating into the next blind corner'šÃ„ö?Ñ ¬?.

Below is what we collected with the car.

10 chicken. (at least)

1 guy on a motorbike. (lived'šÃ„ö?Ñ ¬?just)

1 near miss to a small child. (then almost veered into a wall)

1200 near head-ons. (honestly)

So enough of the near death, indo was amazing, amazing culture, beautiful people and perfect uncrowded waves.

The people here are so friendly, Im guessing there first word is "hello Mister" because that all you would here from town to town,I wouldn'šÃ„ö?Ñ? ¥t say they live in poverty, they live in there villages, work hard for there food and live a simple life day to day.

The waves were perfect, most days 4 foot offshore and not a person around. Ive never been much of an indo lover, but I guess that'šÃ„ö?Ñ? ¥s just bali, Sumatra is a whole different scene, and I loved it.

Right now I just got home, off to Brazil in 2 days, so i'm sorting out all my gear then off again. Over 31 hours of travel time coming up, But its coming into winter in brazil and the coastline fires up! So i'm itching to get there, plus havn't seen the wife in around 3 months!! So surfing isn'šÃ„ö?Ñ? ¥t exactly on the cards for the first week!!!....

So stay tuned for some brazo action.....

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 Matt Lackey