The votes are officially in, & Italo Ferreira has been chosen above all worldly surfers as the most inspiring male performer of 2018, becoming Stab's Surfer of the Year.

The panel for this poll included 50 of surfing's most prominent voices. Some of the most notable names include: Kelly Slater, John Florence, Gabriel Medina, Dane Reynolds, Noa Deane, Steph Gilmore, and many more.

Here's some of what Italo's peers had to say about him:

Pat Gudauskas: “Italo’s just a freak. His instagram is crazy. He’s sent it 100% on every section, all year long. Start to finish. Not even one section left untapped.”

Jordy Smith: "He's probably done the most high-performance surfing this year."

Jamie O'Brien: "Italo's taken it to Medina's level in 2018."

Albee Layer: "Who doesn't love Italo? He's just the most entertaining surfer in the world today."

Bruce Irons: "That kid is badass...he's definitely a showstopper."

Nathan Fletcher: "I love his style and how he surfs. He just does those huge, fuck-off airs."

Congrats to all of the Billabong Team surfers who received votes:

8th: Griffin Colapinto

9th: Seth Moniz

16th: Ryan Callinan

17th: Shaun Manners

21st: Joel Parkinson

24th: Ethan Ewing

27th: Eithan Osborne

33rd: Creed McTaggart

7th: Laura Enever & Courtney Conlogue