• Jason Reposar x Billabong

We've been waiting a while to see who would be next in this photography series that Billabong had cooked up. It's hard to follow up with a second collection after the first was with Steven Sherman, possibly one of the most influential photographers in surfing especially from a portrait perspective. So who got the call up for the second run? Jason Reposar. A guy who has one of the more colorful stories behind him then most!

Jason Reposar, who emerged from Liverpool in the UK, only picked up the camera at the ripe age of 30.

Having recently worked as Metallica's tour photographer, he has spent the last 10 years of his life travelling the globe shooting all aspects of surf, music and fashion lifestyles, enjoying the ride along the way. Repo was once married to Shawnee Smith, you remember that little hottie from that TV show, Becker? Yep, that's her. Reposar now resides in Bali, Indonesia working as a freelance photographer, enjoying chilled Bintangs and a relaxed Indo lifestyle sounds pretty good.

As part of the ongoing photographer collaboration series, the black and white 3 piece collection will hit stores in September for Australia, consisting of 2 Tee's and 1 boardshort. The yardage on the boardies is a collection of sublimated prints, while the tee's tell a far more interesting story one print being from a room Ragdoll tore the shi* out of, while the other is a shot of a dancer from Mickey Avalon's crew. More of a solid description up in the images!


Backstage Tee - $49.99


Reposar Boardshort 20'┬▓ - $79.99


Search and Destroy Tee - $49.99

A little Repo interview Billabong did while in Bali on the ISB shoot:

Words courtesy of http://www.empireave.com/2010/