• JOSIE & PACHA X anrielle hunt: BYRON BAY

JOSIE & PACHA X anrielle hunt: BYRON BAY

Words by Anrielle Hunt

I was born in Byron Bay and raised in the ocean. One of my earliest memories is my father teaching me how to be in the ocean without fear. If I was ever caught in the sets and terrified he would remind me I could always find the sand and kick back to the surface. I got into film photography as a teenager as I wanted to really learn the craft of photography and develop patience with shooting. Knowing there are only 24 shots to use makes each moment and photo that much more special. There seems to be a feel to the photos that you can't fake, I really like that.

Josie and I shot on a very sunny Sunday. It is always so special to work with her, she has a way with the ocean and you know she is meant to be there. She's like silk, I could watch her surf all day.

With all my work I really try to capture more of a feeling, there is no feeling quite like being out in big blue and Josie exudes that feeling everytime.

Pacha and her adventurous attidude makes a day of shooting quite exciting. Up for climbing trees, changing locations all at the same time chatting about the environment and her love of surfing. She is also such a special woman, grounded at her core. We explored from the Pass to Wategos, climbing trees and rocks along the way.