• Let's Talk About Shapes Baby

Let's Talk About Shapes Baby

While most people stress over what bikini best fits their body type, there is yet another thing to make you sweat this Summer. With the amount of different denim shorts on offer, it is almost impossible to know which one is right for you! Fear not, we are here to simplify things so you can strut your cut-offs in no time. Whether you want high and waisted or like to hang low, a pull on or a button up we’ve definitely got you covered in denim for daze.

Girls’ Got Curves

Don’t forget girls are meant to have curves! Embrace them and flaunt them ferociously.

Styles that suit are shorts that don’t cling to your thighs, are high-waisted to draw attention to your smallest feature and have a bit of extra length. Top styling tips? Wear with a heeled boot to elongate your pins, tie a checked shirt around your middle if you are top heavy, or belt it for extra definition. Calling all curvy chicks, the Ringer Short is for you!

Neat and Petite

While some friends might envy your petite frame, we know it’s sometimes difficult to dress and find denim that isn’t from the children’s section. Short’s that have a folded hem or are fitting to the leg will ensure your legs look longer and your booty perky. If you want to create curves then opt for a defined waistline and tuck in your shirt to accentuate your hips. The Overdrive Rolled Short is the perfect pick for a petite body shape.

Long and Lean

Blessed with legs for days? Think short and go shorter cause it’s the season to show off those long stems. You will look all the more toned if you choose formfitting denim that is tight in the right places. The Overdrive Scooped Short is perfect for a long legged goddess…high on the waist in a super slim fit with a semi cheeky cut. Offered in our favourite washes and shades and ready to be the short of the Summer.

Active and Athletic

The athletic body shape has broader shoulders, slim hips and muscular thighs so shopping for shorts can be a nightmare; usually they are too loose around the waist and tight on the thigh. Oh, Sigh! You have to show off your strong legs so a cuffed pair will cinch in at your upper thighs drawing attention to your most toned area. Our Crushes Short does just that while still providing a looser fit so you can still be active and adventurous.

Fear not, pear!

The key for this body shape is to work with your proportions and you’re sure to stay cool all Summer long. When your hips are slightly broader than your waist, and you don’t like to show too much leg then a great look are cut-offs that have a lot more room with a little bit more length. The Overdrive Stretch Short is a pleasing silhouette for the pear since it is fitted at the waist, but gradually widens towards the hem so it gracefully skims your hips and thighs.

All Hail the Hourglass

The body shape that is considered to be the most in proportion is the heavenly hourglass. Lucky you! This shape can choose from a multitude of styles because of your well balanced bust and hips and a beautifully defined waist. The goal is to find shorts that mimic your curves and our Overdrive Frayed Short is the ultimate. Featuring an unpicked and frayed hem, tailored style fit, hand-brushing and in a soft pink hue, this is the one for you.

The Awesome Apple

For those with a wider torso and broad shoulders with slim legs and arms it’s best to opt for styles that show off your great legs and minimize your waist. A high-waisted option will make your waist look slimmer and more defined. Our Memory Lane Denim Short is perfect for this body type; high-waisted, a little loose, distressed, frayed and super comfortable to make you feel confident all Summer long.