• Madeline Relph, coconuts, Bali and Summersite

Madeline Relph, coconuts, Bali and Summersite

Very recently, our good friends at Summersite teamed up with Sydney based (and rather stellar) photographer, Leila Joy in Bali to take some snaps of the beauty that is Madeline Relph. Here’s not only a little travel advice from Leila herself but also the imagery that captures their travels. Wearing our Summer 16 collection, Maddy wandered through rice paddies, danced along the shoreline at Berawa Beach and consumed her fair share of fresh coconuts. Enjoy.

"When in Bali… do take shortcuts through rice paddies. Don’t worry if you get muddy or lost. Try to refrain from wanting to adopt every single puppy you see. Always say yes to coconuts, sunsets and red dragon fruit. Get sandy. Get salty. Forget you ever owned shoes.”- Leila Joy