From California beauty Catherine Clark, while on a surf and modeling shoot for Billabong in the Maldives.

Some days were extremely hot, and others were pouring rain. The tropics hold quite an emotional range of weather patterns. It's really interesting to be immersed in. 

Taking the dive into one of our many lovely sessions. When ever I took a moment to actually take in my surroundings, I started tripping. So insanely beautiful, so vibrant with layers upon layers of color and wonder.

Taken between photoshot shots, my lovely friend and fellow team rider Ellie-Jean Coffey.

Goofing around in the blazing sun. Ellie and I taking a break in between shots. Not too bad of a place to be on the job :)

Crystal water stretched all around us as far as you could see. It was breathtaking. This shot only scratches the surface.

Nap time in between sessions. It's amazing to be able to paddle in after a session for a nice cold bottle of water, a fresh towel and a little bite to eat, all provided by the boatmen. So sweet.

If I could drink this feeling, it would be as if the ocean lived inside of me, as if the wind and rain ran through my veins, and I would finally allow myself to feel as beautiful as the way I felt for this place. Thank you Billabong, thank you Maldives and everything in between :)