• Maldives with Felicity

The Maldives was like something of a dream, endless skies of cerulean blue, crystal clear seas, reefs that looked like colourful rain forests, perfect lines of waves that fan around the outside of islands and to top it all of I had the best bunch of girls to spend it with. I couldn't ask for anything more. Every day we would travel on our boat to these amazing little islands each having perfect lefts and rights for us to surf all day long. For the first week that we were there we stayed on a boat which was one of the most luxurious surf carter boats in the world. To have meals each day we would catch a little boat from our boat to the island. Then the second week we were there, we stayed on the island. The island had gold sandy beaches that were lined with coconut trees and was as green as green can be, it was like a postcard.

By the end of the trip we had gone through about every different type of sunscreen and aloe vera available, used so much leave in hair conditioner and had worn so many different pairs of bikinis. It was so good to see spend this time with the girls because we are always competing against each other and don't really get to see the other side other than competition mode. Our friendships are definitely stronger than ever and we made so many memories that I'll never forget.

Felicity xx

Watch the vibe clip below!