• Más beach days in San Sebastián Por Favor

Más beach days in San Sebastián Por Favor

A quick jaunt over to San Sebastián for the day to check out the waves at local surf beach Zurriola Beach turned into another beautiful day of cultural exploration and mas siestas for this girl gang…because, that’s what they do here.

With our athlete’s bustling about the famed Bahia Concho Beach, and very easily one of Spain’s most Instagram-worthy destinations, Josie Prendergast, Pacha Light, and Felicity Palmateer were eager to check this one off their list. This beach is literally confetti’d with summer lovers and umbrellas, yet remains utterly inviting for a dip!

There’s nothing like a hot summer day to bring out the bikinis and boardies in droves. And lucky for us, we knew all the best places to go and see thanks to our local favorite, Tala of Pukas Surf Shop. By the way, a must see store for the cutest surf essentials.

In a town known for its foreign fare with plenty of pintxos to be enjoyed (just don’t be caught calling them tapas…we learned this the hard way, ha), it’s easy to cross paths with friends in this beach city’s ‘Old Town’ shaded corridors or town square enjoying a local Basque favorite, Kalimotxo, a delicious mix of red wine and coke; the perfect cocktail on a hot summer’s day.

All our friends were taking in the city, like our girl Julie Sariñana of Sincerely Jules guided by our fave US transplant and Billabong Womens digital designer, Rebecca Kudela, who resides in Biarritz. We were able to experience all of the best spots in Basque Country.

The days are long in Spain and we enjoyed every minute. But at dusk, it was time to head back to France for the night because an early morning surf session was calling…