• Maui's Dolphin Day - The most endangered dolphin in the world.

Dave Rastovich and Lauren Hill travel to Raglan, on the West Coast of New Zealand, for the annual Maui's Dolphin Day celebration and community recycled raft race.

The Maui dolphin literally teeters on the edge of disappearing forever. A new study has just found that there are only 55 adult dolphins left, making it one of the most critically endangered marine species in the world. Check out this video and learn more about this issue

"...Do you love painting, walking, riding your bike,running, hiking, reading, writing, singing, flying kites, meditating,surfing, making films, taking photos, teaching? There are infinite passions and each of you have a fire within you. You would not be alive on this planet if you did not. So take this extremely crucial issue and incorporate it into your life and loves. It can be as creative or simple as you wish. Educate yourself on these issues, allow them to sink in, bring them into your backyard because soon enough, if not already, your home town will be facing similarnvironmental struggles." - From Chadd Konig






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