• Meet some of Australia's best street skaters in Sydney

Invites have been sent to the leaders of progressive street skateboarding in Australia. Alongside Billabong team riders Jon Lorcan, Aaron Rowe, and Jackson Pilz, you will see big name Aussie skaters Chima Ferguson, Shane Azar, Jack Fardell, Kieran Reilly, Pat Dandy, Jimmy Roche, Bryce Golder, Shane O'Neill and Jeremy Corea., Danny Gluskie, Jeff Williams,Alon Sattinger, Ben Gauci, Ryan Wilson, Marty Girotto, Harry Clark, Bjorn Johnston, Josh Pall, Nick Stipanovic, George Newsholme, Tommy Fynn, Cale Nuske, Nathan Jackson, Nick Boserio, Beau Reid, Ben James, Sam Giles, Dave Harris, Boyd Young + many more

Here some pics of the double-set completed, things are looking good...

One more thing... if you are in George St, Sydney at 430pm on June 26th drop in to SDS where some of Australia's best street skaters will be doing store signing

Double set pic1Double set pic2Double set pic3Double set pic2Double set pic5