• Meet the Godfather of Punk

Meet the Godfather of Punk

Iggy Pop. The Godfather of Punk. A man that punk icon Henry Rollins calls "The Undisputed Heavyweight Champion of Rock & Roll." He doesn't need much of an introduction but for those who have not seen the light, we're here to help shine a light on everything that Iggy is and what he has helped create. His prolific output, beginning in 1968, with his band The Stooges, has resulted in iconic tracks including "I Wanna Be Your Dog," and the seminal hit "The Passenger."

Want to get to know Iggy Pop, aka James Jewell Osterberg, Jr., a little better? Here are ten facts you need to know about Iggy -

1. Iggy is the pioneer of the stage dive, doing his first at a show in Detroit with The Stooges.

2. He is renowned for bleeding on stage and often makes blood part of his show. The tradition originated when he accidentally fell on a drink glass at a show but kept playing. The crowd went crazy and he has continued it since.

3. David Bowie was a close personal friend of Iggy and two worked together frequently. Bowie produced three of his best known albums, Raw Power, The Idiot and Lust for Life, and the two worked together on Bowie's hit "China Girl."

4. Iggy was considered by The Doors as a replacement for Jim Morrison.

5. Iggy has an Australian Cockatoo named "Biggy Pop" who has an Instagram account with over 42,000 followers.

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