• Mikey Brennan Is Serving Time

Australia was once full of criminals, shipped out from the motherland in chains to serve hard labour in the remote, barren and scattered penal colonies of Van Diemen'šÃ„ö?Ñ? ¥s Land. A good deal of these were in Tasmania and if you'šÃ„ö?Ñ? ¥ve read For The Term Of His Natural Life by Marcus Clarke (1872) you would understand just how wild things were in the Tasmanian outposts. With Shippies being shot to shit over the past four years, Billabong team rider Mikey Brennan thought it was time to bring the crims back to Tassie and instructed the wetsuit guys at bong to knock him up a convict suit. It landed him on the cover of the Hobart Mercury, a publication you'šÃ„ö?Ñ? ¥ve probably never heard of. We thought it was better than Christmas.

Mikey Brennan Is Serving Time