• Mitch Rawlins clip edited by Lackey. What?

Our bodyboarders are off the hook with talent... Why? Well try this out...

On the weekend Mitch Rawlins win's the IBA contest at D-bah... a day later Matt Lackey turns up to the office with an edited clip of Mitch's victory... What the hell!??

Turns out that Matt doesn't just throw tail like a nutcase, he also films, edits and rumor has it he's got mad skills at taking photo's as well.

With talent like this to burn we thought Mr Lackey needed an outlet... After a little chat Matt Lackey is coming on board with Mitch as a full time Bong blogger!

So there you have it... Two of the sickest Bodyboarders ever posting on this site. Hope you're as stoked as us... Stay tuned for Lackey and Mitch's first posts next week... maybe sooner

Meanwhile this is the clip Lackey whipped up over breakfast... congrats Mitch.