• My mate Todd is tops!

People….Good friend Todd Glaser from California is here with me on the goldy, once a pro bodyboarder Todd is now on the other side of the ballgame making a living as a photog. Surfer magazine in the US have got toddy on there payroll sending him all over the world.

Todd must have been due for some good karma because hes arrived knuckle deep into a non stop swell….the kid hasn’t stopped smiling….well no actually I lie, Todd did stop smiling….after copping un provoked assault by a pack of determined Hornets…..
Todd quote after alleged attack  …“f@rk’n C#nts!!”  
And after all that, the little fiend was even kind enough to share a few pics from today for all you internet cyber warlords out there…. Plus check out Todds website www.tglaser.com for more of his artistic flare behind the lens.

Click on the shots below to launch em bigger

Me and Todd
Me and my mate Toddwww.tglaser.com
Courtesy of Tglaser.comWoodrow my team manger at Billabong
Courtesy of Tglaser.comPeace
Courtesy of Tglaser.comGetting a little quality time in the green room
Courtesy of Tglaser.com
Empty MutantCourtesy of Tglaser.com
Mitch Rawlins... you might have heard of him.Courtesy of Tglaser.com