• New Designer's Closet

New Designer's Closet

At Billabong Women’s Australia, the Designers are the masterminds behind the collections. From idea creation, pattern making and collaborations, they are the brains behind the bikinis you wear proudly. They are the trendsetters and creative muses, but…sometimes they like to stray from the complete coastal vibe that we adore so much and throw in something a little more chic and a little bit more special.

The Designers Closet Collection is a refreshing range delivering a mix of modern silhouettes, little black bikinis, chambray frocks and feminine fabrics. Magdalena Kernan shot the collection on our talented Laura Enever on the beach and streets of Montauk New York for a true beach to bar vibe. Ever wanted to see what might be hanging in our designer’s closets? You're welcome….