We love when Flic sends us little notes... this time she shares her latest art pieces and where she found her inspiration...


I recently got back from a months surfing escapade in Indonesia. It was not only a great place for my surfing to develop but for me to draw inspiration for my art from all the wonderful things that I saw along the way. For an island that is so discovered it's amazing how quickly you can slip away into the maze of rice patties and ornate villages.

With aromatic markets bustling with life, with fragrantly fresh herbs and bright arrays of tropical fruit. Ceremonial garments that vary from village to village all similarly adorned in Hindu like paisley and bright bold colours, it wasn't hard to see the potential for new art pieces. The temple architecture reflects the diversity of culture, the most significant foreign influence being Indian. I was able to draw a lot of inspiration from this in particular with the temple doors embellished in gold and never ending intricate tessellating patterns. The sunsets were such colourful affairs giving me a great pallet of colours to work with. The sky being painted an array of pink, orange and yellow slowly fading as night time approaches.

I came away from Indonesia full of new ideas and a new perspectives for my art. Mainly focusing on the never ending patterns and the colours that covered the sky at dusk.

I hope that you enjoy. Flic. x