• Our Mountain - Music Of The Billabong Pro

The road is the true path of discovery. For Matt Hutchison, frontman and songwriter of our mountain, the unending highway has revealed mystery and enlightenment, joy and pain, secrets and salvation. 'All those years on the road, the trials and tribulations ... those experiences made me, and crafted the songs,'' Matt says.

Matt, originally from country Victoria, spent his early years living in 16 different countries with his missionary mother, Patricia. His lyrics reflect a life on the road, from St Kilda to Stockholm, Oslo to Oahu, Moscow to Mexico City. 'I've been squatting, living out of suitcases and saying goodbye most of my life,' says Matt. 'Those experiences made me reach for the spiritual, to try and go beyond !'

Their intense live shows have secured them an impressive touring roster in both Australia and North America on top of playing most of the Australian festival circuit including The Great Escape, Homebake and Falls Festival. An endless stream of backwoods Americana effortlessly convincing everyone from Nokia to Vice magazine to take note. One listen to their tracks, and it's easy to see why.