• Parrys in Bali

I recently spent two weeks in Indonesia. The first week I was in Bandung, Java attending an international children and youth conference on the environment. I had been selected by UNEP (United Nations Environment Program) to make a presentation and to run two workshops. We, 1400 children and youth from around the world worked hard to develop the Bandung Declaration, a document that will be sent to the Earth Summit in Rio next year asking world leaders to listen to our demands to move quickly in developing a green economy for our generation. It was great to meet new friends and catch up with old ones.

After the conference I travelled to Bali to do a bit of surfing and to visit the Bali Turtle Conservation and Education Centre. I went there to do some research and take some footage to make a little doco about turtles. I saw a beautiful turtle that was being nursed back to health after eating plastic. I was invited to hand feed some turtles in a large pool which was great and then I was invited to release some smaller turtles that had been hand reared at the centre out in the ocean. This was pretty special! They were only little but I released back into the ocean where there are lots of turtles and near a safe cove where turtles go to nest. The water so was clear and it was a nice sunny day, just perfect.

I met some local surfers who have been rescuing baby turtles from fishermen and looking after them until they grew a bit bigger and then they release them back into the ocean as well. These local surfers then took me for a surf off Hyatt Reef in Sanur. It was my first time travelling out in a boat to surf so far away from the shore. It was totally awesome. The waves were big, powerful and just peeling off nicely. The best part as I was paddling around a huge turtle swam up alongside me and just popped its head up out of the water as if to say hi it was so cool.