• Quick Update

hey everyone, how's ¬ ¨'šÃ„' it going, ¬ ¨'šÃ„' i hope all ¬ ¨'šÃ„' is well and the holidays are bringing you some easter kegs not eggs. I have been on the move at the moment with two of the Australian pro tour event's back to back with one on the Gold Coast at really fun D-bah, and the other on the NSW Central Coast then straight back up to the Gold Coast filming for a new film project and chasing the incredible run of swell that has been hitting the northern part of the East Coast of Australia then straight back on a plane to Samoa and now i am back in Western Australia. so apologies for the delay in the blogs but there will be new and interesting ¬ ¨'šÃ„' features up more regularly soon. So stay tuned champions