• Rasta and Surfers For Cetaceans

Surfers For Cetaceans is a call to surfers everywhere in the world to take action on behalf of the whales and dolphins of the world. The clips features Rasta who will teach you more.
This is the 11th hour for our Ocean kin who are still struggling with bloody whaling, dolphin hunts, capture, pollution, acoustic invasion, habitat destruction and food depletion. The whales and dolphins desperately need our help.

In 2004, outside the International Whaling Commision meeting in Italy (IWC56), dave and howie launched Surfers For Sanctuaries in support of the proposal for the South Pacific Whale Sanctuary.

Surfers For Sanctuaries, subsequently evolved, for more clarity, into Surfers For Cetaceans where we hope to organise appropriate action around the world in solidarity with our great friends of the waves.

Equally, Surfers For Cetaceans is about seeing increased protection of other marine mammals and marine life, of reefs and of the whole ocean ecology. So this site will also cover issues relevant to seals, turtles, dugongs, rays etc as we hear about them. We'd also like to hear from you... We hope to receive and post updates from organisations and scientists who may be calling for on the spot help at specific places, at specific times.

We want to hear about relevant events and in the case of major events such as the IWC encourage all you surfers to turn up with your boards in solidarity with the whales and dolphins....

Using the amenities of this site we hope that you learn something about our cetacean family and feel motivated and guided to act on the compassion that you feel for these truly endangered beautiful beings.