• Remembering the Greatest: Andy Irons at Teahupo'o

Andy Irons and Teahupo'o. Two larger than life figures that made each other legends. "When I think of Chopes, I think of it as basically Andy's spot," Taj Burrow says in the video above. No one has ever been more committed or more fearless than Andy and his intensity and commitment are why no one will ever match his accomplishments in Tahiti.

Andy's commitment at the wave led the WSL to create the Andy Irons Most Committed Performance Award, a prestigious award that is given to a surfer in the Billabong Pro Tahiti who faces Teahupo'o with the most commitment, passion and raw courage. The award was first given out at the 2011 Billabong Pro Tahiti and has become something that the entire CT roster hopes to earn each year in Tahiti. Past winners of the award include:

2015 - CJ Hobgood

2014 - Owen Wright

2013 - John John Florence

2012 - Ricardo Dos Santos

2011 - Jeremy Flores

While no one will ever match Andy's skill and commitment to surfing Chopes, we look forward to seeing all of the surfers participating in the Billabong Pro Tahiti 2016 sharing his same passion and intensity.

Watch the Billabong Pro Tahiti live beginning August 19.