• Runaway

One of Europe’s most electric and progressive surfers, Reubyn, has started a series of clips documenting his trips from 2013. The episodes will include Trips from Indonesia, Chile, California, France, Portugal and Spain and UK. Watch Reubyn Ash ripping in Indo! for the Part 1 of RUNAWAY.

From Reubyn's own words:

Hello and welcome to the first part of my series Runaway. This episode was filmed in Indonesia earlier this year by my father Peter Ash and my lovely girlfriend Jonna Kerman. This time I spent 3 months surfing in Bali and Sumbawa. I have been travelling to Indo since I was 9 years old and love the waves and the whole lifestyle of the place, that is why I keep going back there every year.

Directed : Reubyn Ash
Filmed : Peter Ash, Jonna Kerman
Additional footage: Lyndon Wake
Edited : Tim Boydell
Surfing : Reubyn Ash
Music : Jimi Hendrix - All along the watchtower

Thanks: Billabong, Monster energy, Dog Dragon Grill, Naruki surfshop and Mamat and his brother.