• Sea Shepherd

The work involved to protect our oceans is a mammoth task but there is one inspiring person that has been actively protecting our oceans and marine life for over 31 years and that person is Paul Watson the founder of Sea Shepherd. Sea Shepherd is a foundation dedicated to saving our oceans and is predominately known because of their work to save whales.

Recently I was lucky to spend some time with Paul and talk to him about his amazing career and his passion for conservation. I was part of a small group that was able to informally chat to him while we sailed around Sydney's Pittwater. Before we set sail I had an opportunity to interview him one on one and the most difficult part was limiting the amount of questions to ask. Paul's knowledge and experience about conservation and whales is so extensive and as I listened to his answers I couldn't help but wonder how many whales and other animals he has actually saved, it would be thousands. I also admire how his actions have educated and highlighted awareness of our oceans problems to the world. His story demonstrates how one person can make a difference and how Sea Shepherd has a positiveinfluence in marine conservation. I will let you know when I have finished editing the interview.

One issue I raised with Paul was the commitment or the lack of commitment from governments around the world to do more to clean up our oceans and to protect the precious marine life. Paul agreed that governments do not do enough and he also said that governments are the first to take credit for work done by organisations like Sea Shepherd.

Our oceans and wildlife need our help and we need people like Paul Watson to lead the initiatives that will provide the long-term solutions to the problems our oceans have. We don't have to wait for politicians to take action we can do our bit every time we go to the beach or be more aware of the things that we buy or even get involved with organisations that are taking positive steps to be part of the solution and not part of the problem.