With all the girls on the Gold Coast for the first event of the year, we decided to escape the busy scene and venture south to visit Lauren & Dave at their beautiful property in Byron Bay. It was a magical day surfing and exploring. So much gratitude to them for allowing us to spend time at their home and sharing their secret spots with us - we didn't want to leave! Lauren sums up the day perfectly...

The back beaches of the North Coast epitomize what tropical dreams are made of: sweeping secluded bays and beaches, crystalline water, shady pandanas nooks and, more often than not, without a soul around.

With the hustle and bustle of the contest scene happening on the Goldie, I was really keen to steal away the Billabong gals for a jaunt through the natural beauty of the North Coast, which makes the stirring humanity of the contest scene feel worlds away.

We hiked down to one of my favourite secluded beaches, through the meandering subtropical coastal rainforest and found some lovely little waves breaking just for us. Their icy blues and turquoise hues kept us in the water for most of the morning, trading boards and experimenting with a funky quiver of fishes, single fins, a matt and even a Alaia.

It was such a joy to have a lineup filled with such amazing waterwomen - and only waterwomen at that. I loved watching Justine, Alessa, Ellie-Jean and Holly-Sue bring their own unique styles to each board.

We surfed until the wind came up and our hair was filled with the seaweed that swirled amongst the closing shore break.

We downed some water and some lunch and then made the drive into Byron where Courtney met us for a loggin' sunset slide - the best way to end any day.

- Lauren

Photos by Rafael Moura